Cold flame

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Cold fire or Sub-zero flames are cold flames that can freeze water or make snow due to its pressure creating script, It does not make C-4 element explode, It can make Water Vapor or steam become ice immediately (but has a high chance of distilled water falling down), But it can burn C-5 to explode, C-5 can explode with cold stuff than just this one, It can include Liquid Oxygen and Nitrogen, Along with Nitrogen Ice due to its Freezing temperatures, Cold fire does damage to stickmen like fire does. It can be used for many stuff while it interacts to many stuff that interacts with the cold.


  • Cold Photon-Neutron beams
  • Water Freezers
  • Steam icer(solidifying)/distiller(liquefying)
  • C-5 triggerer
  • Cold supernovas (Pressure in a breakable clone ball)
  • Killer stickmen traps
  • Cold guns (If not used photon or neutrons)
  • Un-meltable spark rubidium (by cooling with this element)
  • Cold pressure creators


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