The Powder Toy is a game on the computer. It is a simulation game, and is played all around the world.





  • Gas-passable wall
  • Electrical hole (E-hole)
  • Conductor
  • Solid-passable wall
  • Air-passable wall
  • Regular wall
  • Absorber wall (Lets air pass though)
  • Liquid-passable wall
  • Fan (Same as Powder Game's fan that was made at version 7.3)
  • Detector (Passable / Particle conductive)
  • Electric wall (E-wall, Passable if conducted.)
  • Conductive regular wall


  • Fire display (4)
  • Blob display (5)
  • Heat display (6)
  • Fancy display (7)
  • Nothing display (8)
  • Heat Gradient display (aka Temperature Light display) (9)
  • Life display (Gray if non life) (Shift+1)
  • Alternative Velocity display (The better version of Velocity display) (0)
  • Velocity display (Has an alternative version) (1)
  • Pressure display (2)
  • Persistent display (3)


  • This game is similar to Dan-Ball's Powder Game, which at the moment, has 30 elements.
  • Out of all the elements, Wood is the least used.
  • Lava is the most used.
  • Fan is an element in Powder Game 7.3.

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